Riding on Flapjacks – Ergon PC2-L Ergonomic Contour Pedals

Having been quite pleased with several sets of Ergon’s bar grips, I was anxious to try out their new Contour Pedals. Ergon specializes in products that fit the body and, thus, add to riding comfort.

The pedals come in two sizes (small for up to shoe size 8-1/2 and large for sizes above 9) and cost about $65 (you can pay $80, still not out of line for quality pedals). They have a composite body, large reflectors, and polymer bearings. What sets them apart from other platform pedals is a super large platform covered with “3-M Safety Walk,” a partial inner sidewall against which to position the shoe, a slightly angled platform (that promises to keep the leg bones and joints in alignment), and a 2-year warranty. Installation is a snap – although I had to buy a 3/8” drive, 8 mm hex wrench so I could insure the 20 Nm torque specs dictated in the 15-page instruction booklet (6-piece set, $29.99, Sears).

If you’re concerned about the sleek appearance of your ride, these are not the pedals for you – they are BIG! But, as promised, they are very comfortable, and you can really feel that large platform under foot. I’ve not tested the gripping quality of the 3-M surface in wet or snowy conditions, but I have to believe that it will exceed that of conventional toothed metal pedals – we’ll see.

It’s worth mentioning that this German company avoids that awful hard shell plastic packaging by using recyclable cardboard (see photo). The only “plastic” was a single zip tie.

Written by Lorenz

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