Windchill Effect While Riding a Bicycle

Two days ago I was on a six mile ride at around 6:45 am. It was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Around 4 miles into my ride I noticed my hands were so cold. I started to wonder if my hands were cooler than the air temperature. According to the information below – my hands did feel colder and I wasn’t far off frostbite!

The US Department of Heath and Human Services says,

The Wind Chill index is the temperature your body feels when the air temperature is combined with the wind speed. It is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the effects of wind and cold. As the speed of the wind increases, it can carry heat away from your body much more quickly, causing skin temperature to drop. When there are high winds, serious weather-related health problems are more likely, even when temperatures are only cool.

Here’s a chart from the National Weather Service to help you understand the temperatures your body will be facing while riding.

NWS Windchill Temperature Index

Remember windchill effects while riding. Make sure you keep conscious of frostbite and how easy it can settle in. We don’t want to see anyone loose their fingers or toes! You can read our article here about layering properly.

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