In Brief from the ABC News Letter

Some interesting things have been happening at ABC lately and I thought I’d bring the most interesting to your attention.

First off we finally have a set of by-laws ratified by the voting members of ABC. Secondly a group of folks stepped up to be the temporary leadership of ABC while we are looking for more permanent people. Here is an excerpt from the news letter:

Bylaws – At ABC’s, 9/29 meeting, we
unanimously approved the bylaws by a voice
(and one e-mail) vote.
Temporary Officers – ABC’s by laws call for
nomination of candidates prior to May each
year, elections in May, and assuming office after
the June meeting. We will follow this procedure
for officers for the 2012-13 year. For the
remainder of 2011-12, the following have agreed
to stand for interim office:
Pres – Lorenz M. Worden
VP – John Vendetti
Treasurer – Toni Cameron
Secretary – Claire Nolan

If you would like to run or vote for the new leadership of ABC all you need to do is become a member which costs $25. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to fill the positions.

Written by Chris Belsole

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