APD Launches a Pedestrian Safety Initiative

This one comes from Mary Lou:

“Yesterday APD launched a Pedestrian Safety initiative. I’ve attached their press release. I don’t know if any TV stations picked it up yet, but the All Over Albany website posted something yesterday and there’s some interesting discussion. I think it will be important to have to ABC voices chiming in — and they may already be! Here’s a link to the “All Over Albany” piece: Red Light Stop

We here at the Albany Bicycle Coalition support any push to make the roads safer for everyone weather they be bike, pedestrian, or yes even motorists. I think we can all agree that running red lights in Albany is a rampant blight on our ability to be safe on the roads. It has gotten to the point where when the light turns green I look both ways to see if there are any cars zooming by because the light was still orange.

Not being a native of Albany when I moved here a little over a year and a half ago I was appalled when I saw how people drove up here. Even my own friends, who I assumed were safe drivers, ran the lights. When questioned they said, “That’s how people drive up here.” When the wrong becomes the norm it is time for a change.

Written by Chris Belsole

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