I Finally Understand BMX Bikes

After watching this video I am honestly inspired by it. I always wrote off BMX as some kind of sport for children that grown men could not outgrow. I thought, “Why would someone choose to ride a bike that is too small for them so that they either have to stand the entire time or kill their knees.” Granted I like fixing BMXs because they are mechanically interesting, but that’s as far as it went.

Now my eyes are open. I see now that it is not about jumping, flipping, and falling from great heights on the same jumps, flips, and falls. It’s about freedom. It is a freedom that only they can grasp. Traditional cyclists are held down by roads and paths. BMXers have a different view of the world entirely. Why not use that rock to vault yourself on to that wall? To a BMX rider that makes perfect sense. To us that’s lunacy.

If you ride BMX I would be really interested in hearing your opinion on the topic. Can you say guest post?

Before I forget, thanks Lorenz for introducing me to this video.

Written by Chris Belsole

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