The Commuter Relief Act

I think I talked about this before, although I can’t find the post because they are not very well organized, but did you know you can get 20 bucks a month to subsidize your bike commuter addiction habit. You think that’s good? Check this out from Commute by Bike:

“… the Commuter Relief Act would raise the amount that bicycle commuters can receive per month to $40, and it would allow cyclists to receive this amount in combination with public transportation benefits. If the transit cap is $200, an employee who uses both a bicycle and public transportation could receive $40 for cycling and the remaining $160 for subway or bus fare (or maybe one day, high speed rail).”

That’s 40 bucks a month. That’s a new chain, half a crank, tow thirds a cassette, handle bar grips, a multi-too, part of a helmet, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully this bill passes and we can start getting paid. What would you use the money for?

Written by Chris Belsole

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