The Office Of Energy And Sustainability

Recently we got an email from a member of the Office of Energy and Sustainability asking us to link their site to ours. I love when we can come together, internet or otherwise, and proceed on to one common goal. So now if you visit our Links page you will see a new link to the Office of Energy and Sustainability‘s site as well as a link for Broadway Bicycle Co.

Being the one man web crawler that I am this meant I had to check out their site. I found an interesting page detailing things people can do right now to affect change to help the environment. One item in particular caught my eye:

Walk or bike

Transportation accounts for more than 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Walking or biking eliminates transportation-related emissions and helps you keep healthy, too! If you must drive, commit to driving as few miles as possible and always keep your car well-maintained (this includes making sure your tires are adequately inflated).”

So I hope this is not the last we hear from this office, and I hope we can collaborate in the future.

Written by Chris Belsole

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