Bike-ed Builds Brave Cyclists

Please note that I am not getting paid for or receiving any tangible compensation for the following; not for lack of trying though.

A few months ago, shortly after I moved up to Albany from the Big Apple’s little seedling Westchester I was having some difficulty navigation the streets of Albany when a few people from the coalition recommended a bike-ed course that would teach me, not the rules of the road because I know those having studied for and passed my drivers exam, but how to ride a bike in the city. Previously I did what every kid does, ride around the neighborhood, parks, etc., but the city with it’s cars signage and multi-lane roads is a different beast all together and quite daunting if you are not used to it. After I took this course, which is fun as well as educational, I can confidently say that I was not afraid to die on the road anymore. It did not feel like I was taking my life in my hands whenever I got on two wheels. Rather it was just another normal thing to do like walking and driving are.

Anyway I don’t want to pimp this class too much, but I will say that you do learn some pretty interesting maneuvers that might save your life one day. So there are two options you get to choose from weather you are new to the road or have been on it for years. Read more about them after the jump.

For all of you new cyclists:

Traffic Skills 101

Date: March 17 and March 31, 2011 –  Thursdays

Instructors: Claire Nolan and Bert Schou and John Vendetti

Location: SUNYA Downtown Campus Draper Room 146

Fee: 50.00

Traffic Skills 101 Class with LCI Instructors Bert Schou & Claire Nolan. Runs Thursdays March 10 – 24. 6-9 pm. Ages 14 and up. Bike and helmet required. Class size is limited – advance required

To Register for this course, contact:

Claire Nolan

Phone: 518 209 6477

Contact Email:

Advanced Registration Required:

contact by email or phone to register

Equipment Required: Bicycle and helmet. Lights recommended. Bring a lock.

Directions: Enter on Washington Avenue side of building, main entrance. Classroom is on the 1st floor, turn right to end. Classroom faces Washington Avenue

For all of you road warriors:

Traffic Skills 101 Refresher

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, from 6 – 9 pm

Instructors: Bert Schou and Claire Nolan and John Vendetti

Location: SUNYA Downtown Campus Draper Room 146

Fee: $10.00

Refresher course for graduates of TS101. Prep for LCI seminar in May.

To Register for this course, contact:

Claire Nolan

Phone: 518 209 6477

Contact Email:

Equipment Required: bike and helmet. lights.

Directions: One three hour refresher class for graduates of TS101 or Road 1. Class will include practice of parking lot drills and on road riding. Get ready for your LCI Seminar!

So there you have it, a bike-ed course reasonably priced that will teach you valuable skills for riding, I was going to say in, with traffic. Plain and simple. Any questions?


The TS 101 class has been moved to march 17th through the 31st.

Written by Chris Belsole

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