Bike Racks For Better Business

EVERYBODY LISTEN! Stop what you are doing and pay attention. We only have three days to get this done.

Apparently the CDTA is giving local businesses the chance to get bike racks half price. The only catch is that they only have 3 days to fill out an application. That leaves it up to you to get them informed and signed up. So what you need to do now is call, e-mail, or visit the places you visit frequently that don’t have bike racks and have them sign up for the program. I can think of a few off hand:

Prof. Java’s

Hudson River Coffee House

Zombie Planet


Flights of Fantasy



Bro’s Tacos

Fresh Market ?

Honest Weight Food Co-op ?

That asian supermarket on Colvin

As you can see the list goes on and on.Here is the forms and guidelines that people will need to read and fill out to participate in the program:

Contact Info:

(518) 437-6865

Here is where I say, “Post a comment with the stores you want to see have bike racks,” but don’t. Use that energy to write e-mails or visit the stores in person. Alright 1, 2, 3, BREAK!

Written by Chris Belsole

? is where I don’t know if they have bike racks or not.


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5 responses to “Bike Racks For Better Business

  1. ethan

    I think Bros Tacos has a bike rack. At least, I’ve picked up dinner by bike there before. Maybe I’m hallucinating.

    I’m going to see if I can get the Downtown Albany BID to message people about this.

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