When do you know to buy your next bike?

Something I have been struggling with in the recent months is what do you do if you want a new bike? I bought a new Trek a few months ago and it is still kicking. Don’t get me wrong I love my bike. It has never let me down. I did get my folding bike Zippy because I wanted to take it on bus trips. That was because, I thought at least, that I needed it. So what now? A mountain, a cargo, a touring bike? Heck all I really want is an upgrade. Something to help me ride faster and longer then I have before while lightening the physical burden… electric? Heck I’ve even considered buying a Velomobile. So what do you think riders of America? When and why do you buy a new bike? Do you buy a new bike when you need one, or do you buy it when you want one? How do you justify your old one just sitting in your garage or basement. I feel  like this Trek is going to last me forever and I love and lament that fact. Especially because I am getting good at fixing and maintaining it. Thanks Mary Lou.

So what do you think? Honestly I need help. (In more ways then one.)

Oh, by the way this will make you feel good inside.


Written by Chris Belsole

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One response to “When do you know to buy your next bike?

  1. When you have enough money in your pocket.


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