Because I Can

Being the sole writer for a blog gets lonely some times (And demanding all the time), but it does afford you some nice perks like being right all the time because there is no one to argue with you. Another one of these perks is getting to say whatever you want even if it does not pertain to bikes. So here goes:

Next weekend ABC will be having our monthly First Friday Ride in which we go around to different places around Albany and look at art by the local artists of the area. At the last Critical Mass, article approaching completion, we went to a coffee house called the Hudson River Coffee House which I must admit was pretty awesome and made a mean cup of joe. So here’s the big reveal. Don da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, next Friday the Hudson River Coffee House is hosting Carpe Geekdom, an amalgamation of bands from NYC who play songs catering to all things nerd from Star Wars to this country’s greatest vampire hunter (Abraham Lincoln), at 9:00 pm. So be there, or have to listen to your friends talk about it the next day. I know I’ll be there if not just for the Turtles in Time machine.

Written by Chris Belsole

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