Sharrows Spotted!

I was riding down Holland Ave. yesterday and what did I see? Sharrows! Yes it’s true, from New Scotland Ave. probably all the way to Delaware Ave., I did not get that far since I turned on to Hackett Blvd., there are brand new sharrows along with signs that say, “Bicycles may use full lane.” They have recently done some work on Holland Ave., and it seems whenever they do a new road now and days that is not a major one they put sharrows down. Let me tell you, Holland Ave. needed repaving. The vertical cracks were a danger to cyclists and motorists, mostly because cyclists would ride in the left side to avoid the cracks and the car doors.

But I digress, Yay for sharrows and yay for Albany for showing initiative to include bicycles as a mode of transportation!

Written by Chris Belsole


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3 responses to “Sharrows Spotted!

  1. Ken

    I noticed these last weekend while heading down to Davey Jones’ Locker. I was expecting a bumpy ride, but was pleasantly surprised.

    The city is really fulfilling its promise to add bike infrastructure as new road projects are being done. :)

    I think the big question will be whether or not the city will take on bigger projects. Sharrows and signage are a great step, and easy, but will we see low traffic bicycle boulevards planned and implemented, buffered bike lanes on roads that have space, etc? With the Common Council’s resolution in support of the Madison Avenue traffic calming proposal, we may just be seeing those more impressive projects getting off the ground as well.

  2. ethan

    I saw them repaving that street and hoped they add sharrows to it. And they did. Really, really nice.

  3. That’s great news. But when I inquired about maintenance after the New Scotland sharrows were installed no one at the City seemed to know how/who/when they’d be maintained. This may be something for ABC to re-inquire about.

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