Weathering Winter Weather Safely

Here’s one for all of you car free people out there. A recent article by Josh King over at Commute by Bike talks about riding through rough weather. This is good advice for anyone that does not own a living room on wheels. This is especially important in the coming months where, if hearsay is to be believed, the Albany winters are going to be rough.

I know this is mentioned in the article, but fenders rock! When it snowed on Monday I was breezing through the streets with ease  and all the slush and water was not hitting my bike, my cloths, or my bag. I wish I’d done this months ago.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Weathering Winter Weather Safely

  1. Sarah

    Not trusting drivers to behave properly in the first snow of the year, I bussed my bike home from work for the first time on Monday. It was pretty great to have that option.

  2. Ken

    Chris, I can’t tell if you picked up “living room on wheels” from me, or if you’ve finished catching up on Yehuda Moon. :)

    Maybe we should have a post about the Kickstand Cyclery soon? (for anyone else unfamiliar:

    On a related note, I just got my newly purchased bike on the road, with fenders. I’m actually looking forward to more snow so I can try them out. Next up, I need the Downtube to get my new wheels in so I can throw on my studded tires and ride through some thick snow. ;)

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