Critical Mass – Tour de Garden

Everyone met up at the monument around 5:30, the first fearless leader was chosen, Toni. She decided to take us from the monument over to Madison, and down to the Egg. The riders rode lazily in the breeze around the plaza. Fearless leader #1 came up with the idea of tagging new leaders while riding in the plaza. Chris was  suddenly tagged as fearless leader #2. He lead of the group away from the plaza and back up Madison. His goal was a nice ride down Morris. Traffic wasn’t bad as we all chatted about where to go next. After awhile on Morris we headed over to Central when fearless leader #3 was tagged, Ken. On Central the goal changed to scoping out something to eat. The conversation revolved around food at this point and what everyone wanted to eat. No one really could decide so Fearless Leader #1 took control leading the group to Sukhothai, for a very delicious meal.

During dinner it was decided to loop up to Russell Rd to check out the garden of a rider. While everyone was getting ready to get back on their bikes the group met two new cyclists in the area who will hopefully be joining the group on some future rides. The group took a detour onto Berkshire, where Lorenze suddenly lost his bike computer. Before it could be retrieved a car ran over it and it was sadly a casualty of the ride. The rest of the trip to the garden was uneventful and the garden tour was rather nice. Everyone was offered different varieties of tomatoes to try. From there the group decided that the ride was a success and everyone wished everyone else to have a good night.

A really cool map of our route is below, you can thank Chris for it!

Map of Tour de Garden

Written by Toni Cameron

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