Notes From Albany Bike Rescue

A big thank you to DownTube and Dan for providing us with used bicycle parts.

Chris and Mary Lou collected the items Saturday and delivered it to our parts room at Trinity. They managed to part out the bikes, sort the small items, and repair some gently used tubes.

They also quickly fixed up two pink girls bikes (20 in and 16 inch) and put them outside with a free sign. This made room for the Bridgestone 100 that Dan donated to Albany Bike Rescue for someone to build up.

For those of you who tirelessly volunteer with little time to work on your own bike projects- We need to figure out a way to make this a more equitable situation.  We  have been researching other bike rescue models to find ideas on how to manage the number of people wanting bike repair vs. our limited volunteer resources.

This week we hope to remain calm when faced with the number of people standing at the door saying “all I need is…”

Written by Mary Lou Nolan-Gillham

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