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Beginners Road Cycling Clinic, April 1st

Thought I’d share something from Jay Holiek’s Bike Blog.

Due to the number of new cyclists and triathletes in our area who have
expressed interest in road racing, the Mission in Motion Cycling team is
offering a beginners clinic to introduce riders to the sport of road
racing. The clinic will cover basic safety skills while riding in groups,
proper bike handling skills, pace lining and what to expect for your very
first road race.

To register, please visit

This Clinic is sponsored by a grant from the New York State Bicycle Racing
 (NYSBRA). The first 20 riders to pre-register on can use the coupon code “NYSBRA” to receive a FREE entry to
the clinic and your one-day license fee will be paid by NYSBRA. The clinic will be hosted
by former professional rider Mike Jones and the groups will be co-hosted by
local racer and USA cycling camp attendee, Vanessa McCaffery along with
local racer, Mike Grygus. We are looking for a few more volunteers to ride
along in the group and provide input to the new riders.

For more information, please contact Mission in Motion Cycling Team,

or visit their website
mimcycling@gmail. com


Keep Riding! The weather has been great for it!

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Map/Location of Bike Racks in Albany

I have to thank Don O’Dell for his last post which promotes the Capital Region Transportation Authority’s Bike Rack Program. The map posted below is from the CDTA website. It pin points the location of (presumably) all the bike racks in the Albany Area.

If you know of a place where bike racks are needed, please contact the CDTA to ask about the Bike Rack Program, or contact us, we maybe able to help.

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Video Tuesday! Innovation!

Home a few hours before the day’s end and I’ve been thinking all day of what videos to put for VIDEO TUESDAY. I have a few ideas such as: “doggie gangs on bikes” and “how to catch a bike thief.” Which I’ll admit, I looked, and the former doesn’t have the variety one would think. The latter was going to be my choice topic until it happened – I opened my home page.

Right across the front page of the Times Union’s website was President Obama’s face and below, “Obama American dream in peril

So this immediately gave me the idea to post videos which relate to innovative bicycle ideas. Good, bad, ugly? Does America even need innovation? Well we certainly believe America needs bicycles! Here are some good ideas for all of us to think about.

Genre de Vie from Photo Booth Works on Vimeo.

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Using Google Map to Show Bicycle Related Crashes

A collaberation of information which exhibits the location of fatal and non-fatal crashes between cyclists and motor vehicles in the Philadelphia area. It also notes which were hit and run.

  • Red Fatal
  • Blue Injuries
  • A Dot Indicates a Hit and Run

How many incidents have happened in Albany?

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Video Tuesday!

This week’s videos are all about other people dealing with cold conditions in other countries. I love the first video- o just because I cycled the Pamir Highway in brisk October conditions. Woo that old Soviet road was chilly!

I can vouch, the following video depicts Chinese culture mega well.

Gotta love cyclocross for being us winter riding.

And the winner…

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