Quotes and Mitts

Everyone knows the Bike Snob. Even non-cyclists I’ve come across have heard of him or read one of his articles. He had a really funny quote recently that is worth sharing.

“After all, we are cyclists, and unlike users of other forms of transportation we are constantly looking inward in order to better understand ourselves. This is because, unlike, say, the bus passenger or the roller-skier, we know that the unexamined life is not worth living. Also, we’re profoundly smug and self-absorbed, and we all operate under the delusion that what we’re doing is special. There’s a fine line between introspection and masturbation, and we cross it with every pedal stroke.”

Image courtesy of Commute By Bike

Now to the meat of the article. I’ve seen the bar end mitts for a while. I was wondering if anyone has tried them yet and how effective they are? It is kind of a neat alternative to putting on gloves every time you go for a ride. Maybe this is something to pursue.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Quotes and Mitts

  1. Never tried them, but I am sure they are the best approach to cycling in the coldest conditions. I see myself reserving them for the extra cold days and wear gloves, too. If it was warm enough for just gloves, I’d skip the bar mitts. Try as I might to eliminate ego, I can’t (and find the bar mitts pretty ugly). Interested to hear what users think. I seem to recall Dakota rocking a set of home made bar mitts. Later!

  2. I’m not sure how effective they are. But I do know one thing. Everyone in China uses these bulky mittens. Mostly the motorcyclists.

    I prefer the race ready ones. Particularly, I’ve heard good things about the Specialized Radiant pair.


    Out of 5 reviews in the link below – only one person was disappointing


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