Winter Musings and Coffee

Following the first snow we had yesterday I have to do my duty and remind you to stay warm. I love the winter time because it gives me the chance to wear my ninjaclava. After getting my feet soaked through yesterday I might also don some shoe covers to keep my toes from falling off.

After a hard day’s riding, working, etc. what could be better than a nice hot cup of coffee or tea? The Hudson River Coffee House, previously mentioned on this blog is here to help. What’s that? Anton put a bike rack in front of the place? Yes, now you can not only enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, but now you can drink said coffee with the peace of mind knowing that your bicycle is safe and secure outside while you are warm on the inside.

Also don’t forget the Halloween Critical Mass ride going on today at Washington Park Soldiers and Sailors’ memorial at 5:30. Come in Costume.

So I hope you had a good day yesterday and another one today. Enjoy the sunshine!

Written by Chris Belsole

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