How is the Mohawk-Hudson Trail Doing?

I just received a call from on the Friends of the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail asking the conditions of the trail on the Albany side. Since they do most of their events on the Schenectady side I can completely relate. There are a lot of events going on with our neighbors to the north, but to get there I would have to ride fifteen miles. That plus the twenty plus miles I would have to ride after that does not a good ride make. Sadly I could not answer the call for information so I pose it to you.

How is our part of the bike trail doing? Is it good to ride on? I plan to ride it this Saturday so hopefully it is cleared up by then if not sooner. If you have any information you can post it here or on their facebook page.

Written by Chris Belsole


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8 responses to “How is the Mohawk-Hudson Trail Doing?

  1. pjt

    According to a post on the Team Utopia (local running team) Facebook Page, 1 & 1/2 miles from the boat launch the trail is blocked by a downed large tree. Plus the mud on the surrounding ground makes getting around the tree impossible.

  2. Ian

    I’ve been checking a couple times per week, but that tree is passable. The mud is not. It’s also a bit foul smelling down there. I haven’t been in a bit, so maybe I’ll check again…

  3. Sam

    Attempted to the bike path ride from the Menands bridge (Rt.378) connection south to Albany this morning. Entire route as far south as the 787 ramp near old Montgomery Wards building (Exit 6 Ramp) is virtually impassable with heavy, thick mud accumulations (4″-6″ deep in many places) and several downed trees. No way to ride, had to walk the entire length. No idea what the conditions further south are like, but am guessing it is more of the same!south to the intermediate connection to the bike path

  4. LH

    Is there any chance of coordinating a volunteer effort to clean up the path? I used to ride several days a week and I miss it! I am not involved in any biking clubs so I have no idea where to start, but I am willing to help.

  5. pjt

    According to the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Club, Menands has assured them that their section of the bike path will be cleared by the HMRRC marathon date of October 9th.

  6. pjt

    Per a posting today on the Team Utopia running team’s website from the director of the HMRRC Marathon “Albany Co DPW are working on it this week.”

  7. Joshua

    Any update on the trail condition? Is it passable now?

    • Christopher

      I don’t know the current conditions, but if it is nice this weekend I’ll take a ride over there on my way to troy for the farmer’s market.

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