Bike-Shop Rescheduled

The Bike-Shop event today, hosted by Albany 2030, has been rescheduled to August 30th probably due to rain. I hope everyone will join me in changing their calendars to that date. At least now you guys have a little more time to make plans for this event that could possibly effect the way things go in Albany in terms of of bicycle accommodation.

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Written by Chris Belsole


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3 responses to “Bike-Shop Rescheduled

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I hope the ride goes up/down Clinton Avenue so that everyone can see what a mess the last attempt to build bike lanes has become.

  2. Christopher

    I don’t understand everyone’s ire with the bike lanes on Clinton?

  3. Well, for one thing, are they bike lanes, turning lanes or parking lots?

    Additionally, they are full of potholes, dips, manhole covers, and broken glass. Despite this, it’s still my best option for getting uptown.

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