NYS Complete Streets Bill on Governor’s Desk

After being passed from the senate to the assembly the Complete Streets Bill is finally on the desk of the Governor of New York State for him to sign into law. This bill would provide for each project in NYS that receives state or federal funding to consider the complete streets design which is subject to the Department of Transportation’s oversight.

All in all this bill does not guarantee complete streets in New York. It does however ensure that project managers have to at least consider them which is a step in the right direction.

For those of you not familiar with the concept complete streets are ones which provide for all modes of transportation including but not limited to driving, walking, and bicycling. This is essential to moving towards not a car free future, but a sustainable future in which we do not spend $50 at the pump every week. Imagine filling up every two weeks instead. That’s an average of $1300 a year, and that is for only one car. We are very lucky to live where we do. Albany is very accessible by bicycle and your trips to the grocery store, the pharmacy, pretty much everything under five miles could be done by bicycle.

Lastly please stop buying mountain bikes for road usage. You will be amazed how easy it is to ride a bike when you have the one that is built for the surface you are riding on.

Written by Chris Belsole


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4 responses to “NYS Complete Streets Bill on Governor’s Desk

  1. “Lastly please stop buying mountain bikes for road usage.”

    Oh, dearie. This is a whole education can of worms. People don’t know the difference. They don’t. The usage of the bike is not part of their decision making process. It should be, but they don’t know anything about that. Which is also why people buy their bikes at Mall*Wart.

  2. nonickspls

    How about you use what you like and what works for you and stop judging everybody else. Biking is about having fun and getting fresh air. Doesn’t matter how you do it, it’s all good.

    • Christopher

      “Biking is about having fun and getting fresh air. Doesn’t matter how you do it, it’s all good.”

      I totally agree with this if not more so, but if it judgmental of me to try and correct peoples bad habits so that they have a more enjoyable experience while riding then so be it. I have often encouraged people to wear helmets and ride correctly. Here at ABC bicycle safety and education are a big factor of what we do. If my experience on the road means anything I would like to impart that information onto other people because we have to learn from each other’s mistakes.

      Being the open book that I am I can honestly say that I rode a mountain bike around Albany for the first few months I was up here. When I made the transition out of it to my Trek Hybrid the difference was night and day. I have also seen others make that transition and have the same experience. So i am not just blowing smoke. I know what I am talking about.

      I am not saying that everyone should ditch their mountain bike right now. I know they cost money. I am saying when you buy your next bike think about where and how you are riding it because that more than anything else will dictate what bike you are going to get. I would not recommend a road bike to a mountain rider and vice versa.

      Also if you have an opposite opinion write me up a post and I’ll stick it on the site. As long as it is well written and poignant I accept all opinions. as Socrates says, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

  3. Graham

    A cheaper, albeit somewhat less effective, alternative to ditching the mountain bike might be putting some new tires on it that are more suited to road usage. When you’re ready to hit the trails all you have to do is put the “knobbys” back on!

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