Camping: Thompsons Lake

After we made it to camp and we relaxed a bit, everyone helped me set up my tent and get all my stuff in order. The last member of our party (Ken) finally made it up around 8, and it turned out he had left late so there wasn’t a chance that he would have passed me on my journey up the hill. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and eating the best lasagna on earth. Dinner was an awesome affair it had good food with great people and very interesting conversation.  Since I seemed to have past an invisible test, now that I made it up to Thompsons Lake everyone wants to take an even bigger trip, with a sag car. Thankfully, if we do go on that trip it will be later in the summer and I can work on longer rides.

When darkness fell we had a great fire, and continued the conversation sitting around the fire keeping warm. Everyone stayed up pretty late, except for me. I was beat, I headed to bed early, so I have no idea how the rest of the night went.

The next morning everyone was up early rising with the sun. Everyone was so quiet and peaceful that morning. We made pancakes with blueberries, and had fruit salad to start the day off. Breakfast was a happy event, everyone talking and laughing having fun. We spent the rest of the morning soaking up the sun,  just relaxing. After lunch everyone went on a ride down the trails that are around the campsite and into Thatcher Park. Everyone was gone for around 3 hours, and I guess there was a flat tire involved. I was still sore from the climb the prior day so I happily stayed behind.

Another couple of people joined us for dinner and smores that night around the campfire. John even came up with a jolly song about our trip:

We are a family…

Toni, Ken, Claire, Bert and Me…

We ride in Albany…

To Thompsons Lake and Schenectady…

Sunday was the day we were leaving so the object of breakfast was to use up the food we have left. We had reservation to meet at Indian Ladder Farms for Brunch at 12:30, so we had plenty of time. Once camp was broke down and everything put away, the people who rode up had the great pleasure of riding down. Let me say that I am pretty sure that was the fastest I had ever rode on my bicycle. It was slightly scary, but a lot of fun. The climb was almost worth the decent down the hills. I was really glad that I didn’t know how fast I was going. The Brunch at Indian Ladder Farms was awesome and it was sad that it was the last meet up before everyone headed home.

Overall, the camping trip was awesome. Everyone had a great time, and it was so worth the climb on our bikes up to Thompsons Lake. I would so do it again, which says a lot since the climb up there took my forever.

Written by Toni Cameron

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