Volunteer For Tour De Cure

We all, I assume, like to help people once in a while. It makes you feel good, and it helps people in need. Well here’s your chance. We got an email in our inbox recently that might peak your mechanical interest.

“I am a volunteer with the Diabete’s Associations “Tour de Cure” bike event. I am writing because we are in desperate need of some volunteers for our event. I am specifically looking for people who could help for a few hours with some bike repair on the routes. The ADA has cars, drivers and HAM radio operators, but we still need some people with basic bike mechanic skills. If anyone in your organization would be willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated. You contact me at bpierce@nycap.rr.com .  The event is Sunday, June 5th, at Saratoga High School. Thank you.”

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Volunteer For Tour De Cure

  1. i did this last year…it’s mainly fixing flats (can you believe people go out on such a ride without knowing how to fix a flat?). brew your tools and a pump. i think last year they had some spare tubes and patch kits for us to use. if nothing else it’s fun to ride around in a car with a dude working the ham radio!

  2. ethan

    I told Brent I’m in. I’ll be driving up there and I can take three other people, if anyone wants to carpool from Albany.

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