A Brooks Contest Displaying English Fluency… And So On

Are you fluent in English? Would you like to win fabulous prizes? Do you like bicycles? If you answered yes to all three of those questions then have I got a contest for you.

Brooks, for all who don’t know, is primarily a company which makes leather saddles (seats) for bicycles. They have since branched out into other leather products, but have still maintained the history and integrity of when they started, or at least they are British so it seems that way.

Anyway, they are holding a contest in which you must,

“Compose something of 26 words’ length. It can be a poem (doesn’t have to rhyme), a sentence, a series of sentences, anything at all. Punctuate, italicize and bracket as your heart desires. The only rule is, the first word of your composition should begin with the letter A, its second with the letter B, its third… you follow.”

This is not the only rule. For a full list of rules and how to enter visit their site. They have not listed the prizes or how long you have to enter but it started May 2nd and it’s Brooks. So the must have something great in mind.

Written by Chris Belsole

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  1. Ah, fun! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. My entry is in, but awaiting moderation.

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