New Commuter Helmet From Bell

I was going over my rss feed that keeps me up on cycling news when I came across an interesting item from bell. The Bell Muni and lady’s Arella are two helmets new to bell’s lineup focusing on commuting. They have a few nice features that do not come standard to most helmets.

First of all they have mounts where you can put bike lights on the front, rear, and rear straps of the helmet. I have been searching for a while as to how I can get ligths on my helmet and so far I have not come up with any good options. This is the first helmet where I see that they took that into account when designing the life saving device.

Second there is a nice strap system that I know I would want for my next helmet. Have you ever had a day where it is raining or cold so you throw on a hat and have to adjust your helmet accordingly? Now with their “one step fit system” it is a lot easier since the back strap is made of velcro and the neck strap gives you more room either way to adjust the helmet for hat or non hat heads.

Here are some videos that will give you a nice look of the products:

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