Fuller Road Follow-up

I know I am breaking my rule of one post a day, but this info is so hot I just can’t hold on to it.

I just got done talking to a great guy named Bill Anslow who is the Project Manager for Albany County. He filled me in on the current construction going on on Fuller Rd.

Currently we are in Phase 2 of the construction project which spans the length between I-90 and Central Ave. This phase is going to last 15 weeks and should be done by the end of September. Going north there are going to be two lanes and going south there is going to be one lane with a turning lane in between them.

When I asked about the bike lanes he said that they were not putting them in. Rather they are opting for a situation much like on Western where the lanes are just a bit wider to accommodated both bikes and cars at the same time. He called it “Shared Travel.” Weather this option is better or not is for you to decide, and maybe for a future article, right now it is just good to be informed.

Thanks again to Bill Anslow for the information and for returning my call so swiftly.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Fuller Road Follow-up

  1. ethan

    Great info, Chris. Thanks!

    (A bike lane would’ve been ideal, but “Shared Travel” is better than the way it is now.)

  2. john vendetti

    Here is a case where “Bicyclist may use full lane” signs would be appropriate, especially when a cyclist approaches the round -abouts where the road squeezes traffic into the circle.

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