Spring Is Here!

I have been waiting for this moment all winter. Spring has finally come! With the end of spring comes the melting of snow. That is why I would like to announce the opening of the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail for bikes. I rode it yesterday and besides for a few patches of snow it was clear. Where did I go you ask? I went to the Troy Farmer’s Market. While there I learned two interesting things. The first is that they are expanding their market to Wednesdays. Now you can enjoy the farm freshness two days a week. The second is that starting May 7th they will be moving back outside. I can’t wait until I can walk through the rows of fresh food with the sun shining on my face.

I would like to end this one with an amusing little anecdote of something that happened to me on Friday. I was riding down Western like I always do after work and what do I see descending from the heavens but a plastic bag. It was as if mother nature was saying, “Hey Chris, could you get this one.” What did I do? Did I ride on by and let that bag become just another piece of trash on the street? No, without stopping I reached up and plucked that bag from the sky like it was my destiny and brought it home to dispose of it properly.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Spring Is Here!

  1. Mary Lou

    Nice catch! Great story.

  2. ethan

    On Sunday I was pedaling around and I stopped at an intersection and picked up a plastic soda bottle someone had left standing in the street. The light turned green and I pedaled on, and tossed the bottle into a trash can. (It occurs to me now I could’ve recycled it.)

    As cyclists I think it’s a little harder to ignore the trash everywhere. I ride the path on Hackett almost every day, and it’s littered with debris. A broom and a little love would make that a much nicer place for everyone. (Some friends armed with plastic bags, and a Sunday morning, and we could really do a number.) But I am perhaps too idealistic.

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