The Organization You Never Knew Existe

For fifteen years the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has been comprised of some of America’s largest cities. What do they do you ask? “NACTO encourages the exchange of transportation ideas, insights, and practices among large US cities while fostering a cooperative approach to key national transportation issues.” Basically they see trends and share ideas to make our cities more friendly to car-less transportation.

Honestly I would like to see more of these organizations especially when it comes to bicycle coalitions. I feel like we are all reinventing the wheel when it comes to what we do. ABC has met with NYBC in the past to coordinate on things together. So who it it up to? Is it up to each local group to reach out to other advocacy groups? Is it up to groups like NYBC to bring all of the smaller groups together? Should the League of American Bicyclists be responsible for coordinating this interchange of ideas? That is for other people to decide I guess.

Anyway, here is a short video to tell what NACTO is all about:

Written by Chris Belsole

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  1. Jeremy

    I had never heard of these guys until last month when they published a design manual for bike facilities. Their design guide fills a void where the AASHTO highway design manual fails to address bike-related street design. Check it out, this should be used by the city of albany when implementing the bike master plan:

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