Only The Best Locks For My Readers

As I said yesterday I love to let other people do the leg work for me, not to say if a company wanted me to test out a product for them I would turn them down, but when it comes to bike security I’ll take any advice I can get lest some wannabe bike thief make off with my main mode of transportation. So in this spirit of combined laziness and safety here is an article from Commute by Bike that talks about the best of the best bike locks.

The Very Best Bike Locks

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Only The Best Locks For My Readers

  1. ethan

    That article also links to this one, which, at the bottom, talks about registering your bicycle.

    “These registration services also offer radio frequency (RFID) tags which you fit inside your bike frame, hidden from the thieves. These tags contain your bike information should the thieves rub off the frame number (which they often do). Should a stolen bike be scanned with an RFID scanner by the police, the bike can be identified.”

    While I don’t believe APD is going to have an RFID scanner to find stolen bikes, it does give me an interesting idea. There are GPS trackers for pets (and children) so that if they wanted off, you can find them. I wonder how much those are, and if something like that would be useful on a bike.

  2. Lorenz

    Good post. Thanks for sharing. Riders looking for racks to which to lock their bicycles can look here –


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