Because Bicycles Just Needed One

Yes you see correctly, a seat collar bottle opener. Apparently the people at Swarm thought to themselves, “You know what is a hassle on a bike; not having a convenient way to open a beer while riding your bike. We should make something to fix this overwhelming problem.” And the bike bottle opener was born. Am I saying we are not adults who are incapable of making our own decisions? No. Does having a bottle opener on hand make it easier to drink and bike? Yes. From their website:

ELIXIR AND NECTAR SEAT CLAMP WITH BOTTLE OPENER // Seat collars designed to make your bike look gorgeous, hold your seat up, and to open your beer. What more do you want to know?

Written by Chris Belsole

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One response to “Because Bicycles Just Needed One

  1. ethan

    I need a U-lock with a corkscrew.

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