Let’s Talk Belt Drives

Here at ABC we try as best we can to be on the cutting edge of bicycles. So let’s talk about something that is relatively new to bikes, the belt drive.

If you don’t know what a belt drive think of it as a new kind of chain, but instead of links that the teeth of the gears fit in there are little groves that work almost the same.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to chain drives so you have to decide for yourself it they are worth it.

Firstly, and probably for most people this is the biggest one, they are a lot lower maintenance. They don’t need grease and dirt, mud, and snow don’t affect them. Let me give you a few moments to absorb that. … … Alright, moving on. They are also lighter and quieter, but to me, the typical commuter, that is not something that I care too much about.

Okay so it sounds good right? So here is the downside. If you choose this wonder drive the first thing you are going to realize is that a lot of the parts are specially made so you might not be able to up-convert your old bike. Secondly as of now you are going to be limited to one “belt ring” in the front because there are no derailers for this yet. Which also means that in the back you are limited if you do not have an internal geared hub.

So there are up sides and down sides. If you want to learn more check out these websites for more info:

Gates Carbon Drives

Belt Bikes

Written by Chris Belsole


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4 responses to “Let’s Talk Belt Drives

  1. ethan

    I have to admit I’ve been interested in a belt drive bike since I heard about Trek’s District a few years ago. Back then it was gray and orange (which I liked) and a grand, which was out of my price range at the time. It’s pretty classy looking now, but even more expensive:

    One of my big interests in belt drives is that I’ve heard they do not stretch out like normal chains. On my winter bike, I destroy a chain every winter.

  2. Once there is an affordable fixed belt drive cycle, I’m buying it. You should see my chain right now. It’s embarrassing.

  3. Christopher

    Yeah, I hate to admit it, especially because I am part of ABC, but i do not take as good care of my bike as I should as Mary Lou was kind enough to point out last night at ABR.

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