Use The Other Lane

Do these words not mean anything to anyone anymore? I was riding into work today excited as I took the bus the last two days because of all the snow. Although I probably could have rode the second day due to the actual amount of snow we got being blown way out of proportion of what they were predicting. I rode in the left lane most of the way because the right one was full of snow and I did not want my bike to be a big pile of slush by the time I arrived at work. As I was riding a car passed me on the left. He literally went into the other side of the road to pass me. Then another and another after that; each one closer then the one that preceded it. I considered taking the lane, but the middle of the lane was full of snow. Now, I don’t know if everyone is familiar with Western Ave. west of N Allen St., but there are two lanes, and instead of using the other lane most cars decided to merge into oncoming traffic to pass me.

Maybe I was at fault using the left lane instead of the right, but if there is another lane that is not in use why would someone merge into oncoming traffic to avoid me. I know the rule of “Don’t pass on the right,” but I would rather someone had pass me on the right today then get into an accident while passing me.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Use The Other Lane

  1. ethan

    I don’t think drivers pay any attention to rules or common sense. And I don’t limit that statement to interacting with cyclists. The other night I saw two college guys blowing donuts with their SUV in the middle of an intersection, despite pedestrians and oncoming traffic. Conventions like “don’t pass on the right” and “there are TWO lanes” don’t mean anything to them. And it makes riding a lot less fun.

  2. Alex

    I think it’s counter intuitive for motorists to pass a bicyclist on the right.(which is strange because they don’t seem understand passing rules on the freeway) I feel bicyclists should stay on the right side of the road and allow motorized vehicles to pass on the left. If weather conditions aren’t condusive to cycling, you should probably drive, take the bus, or stay home. It’s one thing for cyclists to be stubborn about the “share the road” policy but safety is most important. If cycling on certain roads poses a danger to yourself or others in foul weather, use common sense. I dont want to see any white bikes chained to a street sign on western.

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