Bike Registration Follow-up

A while ago we ran an article about Transportation Alternatives‘ fight with Councilmen Ulrich when he proposed a bill that would require bikes to be registered on the road. In an article by the Gothamist they talk with Paul Steely White, Executive Director of TA, about the bill and New York City’s problems in general.

IT’S THE ATTACK OF THE TWO WHEELED MONSTERS! As you surely know, an impassioned wardebate about bicycles has consumed New Yorkers over the past couple of years. Are they taking over NYC with their ubiquitous lanes and their reckless behavior? Or are they the key to alleviating traffic and turning New York into a sustainable, 21st century city? The incredible cycling boom over the past decade has certainly polarized New Yorkers, as drivers, pedestrians and cyclists cope with the dramatic changes brought by the DOT to our traffic-clogged streets. And in the heart of the debate you’ll find Paul Steely White, the Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, a group that has worked closely with the DOT to improve the cycling, pedestrian, and mass transit infrastructure. Yesterday we caught up with White, who had just finished a meeting with City Councilman Eric Ulrich, who plans to introduce legislation requiring all adult cyclists to get licenses and registration.

Paul Steely White, Transportation Alternatives

Written by Chris Belsole


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  1. ethan

    Reckless behavior? There was an article earlier this week about NYCPD cracking down on bicycle “scofflaws.” They ticketed 1000 cyclists for not obeying traffic laws.

    All I’m saying is, if they enforced the traffic laws, those reckless cyclists would shape up, and drivers would dislike us less.

    FWIW, I still chuckle when I see reckless behavior from APD on bicycles.

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