Good Things and Recumbent Bikes

I was doing a little research today on recumbent bikes for various reasons and I came across an article on Velomobiles that I thought you’d all like. Give it a read and tell me what your thoughts are of recumbent bikes. I am very interested to hear what you guys think.

In other news the Albany Bicycle Coalition and the Albany Bike Rescue has some big stuff going on. I am not going to ruin the surprise right now, but be in store for somethings that will knock your socks off in the next few weeks.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Good Things and Recumbent Bikes

  1. bud

    Recumbents are less visible in traffic and unexpected by motorists. Longer wheelbase means more difficult to corner and transport. Usually heavier than traditional. The position doesn’t allow the rider to use bodyweight to advantage when power is needed. They’re pretty much a gimmick for the eccentric rider.

  2. I have ridden a few recumbents and they differ as much from one another as they do from DF (diamond frame) bikes. Some are as low as 30″ (eye level) other are the same height as a DF bike.(google cruz-bike).
    The one thing they all have in common is a vastly higher level of comfort.

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