21st Time’s the Charm

I said it before and I’ll say it again, stay safe on the roads today. It is rough out there. Before you ask yes I did ride into work today. Sure it is only a little over a mile and a half, but that distance was enough for me to almost fall about 20 times. Now I am safe, sitting in my cube, hoping that when I get out of work they will have plowed the streets.

Did you ride this morning? Are you a weather master who scoffs at mother nature like she is some annoying road block put in your way just to slow you down a bit?

Written by Chris Belsole

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One response to “21st Time’s the Charm

  1. ethan

    I didn’t ride today. This winter I’m playing it much safer. I know that I *could* ride in the snow. What bothers me is all the cars I see on the streets that haven’t had the snow brushed off them. They’re like rolling igloos. I see so many cars with the windshield barely cleared, and the rest of the windows are still covered in snow. I don’t believe they can see anything, let alone a cyclist.

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