Stay Warm

If you are like me, and you probably aren’t because you are sane, you rode your bike this morning to work. After riding through the single digits, wind chill and all that, all I can say is bundle up and have a cup of tea waiting for you when you get to work. It makes all the difference.

How about you? What do you do to beat the cold?

Written by Chris Belsole


Filed under Article, Winter Cycling

2 responses to “Stay Warm

  1. Sarah

    I didn’t find this morning too bad. I wore long underwear, a windproof fleece with a sweater on top, corduroy pants, wool socks, thick gloves, balaclava, fleece headband.

  2. ethan

    Layers. Windproof. Yes yes.

    I got a balaclava for Christmas and it’s much better than just wearing a skullcap under my helment. It keeps my face and neck from numbing in the cold.

    I also have a pair of lobster claw gloves. They’re pretty good for the first twenty minutes of a ride in single digit temps, which is about all I have to do.

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