Why should people fund bike projects?

Every day we fight for influence, respect, and money for bikes, but why should people give us any of that? Is it worth it? Does bicycling really have a positive effect on the macro world that is not contained in our little corner of it? Luckly the good people at Bikes Belong are here to help?

To help advocates communicate the value of biking to federal policymakers, we developed a series of 10 case studies on U.S. bike facilities with success stories.

This project, titled “The Federal Investment in Bicycling: 10 Success Stories,” describes a geographically diverse group of bike facilities — ranging from bike lanes to singletrack trails –that were built at least in part with federal funding. It aims to pinpoint what federal spending in bicycling can buy, and show bicycling as a cost-effective investment.

For the full article click here.

Written by Chris Belsole

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