Good News for Commuters

Expensive road bikes? carbon frames? Is it worth spending upwards of 1500 dollars on a bike just for getting around? What does it mean to the average commuter? Apparently not a whole lot.

In a new study by Dr. Jeremy Groves, an “anaesthetist at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and self-confessed cycling fan,” he asserts that the commuting time between a commute with a carbon fiber bicycle verses the commuting time with a steel frame is about the same. The big part of this was that he spent 1000 euro, about 1326.70 US Dollars, and only 50 euro, about 66.33 US Dollars, on the steel framed bike.

The best part is the conclusion that he comes up with, “A lighter bicycle did not lead to a detectable difference in commuting time. Cyclists may find it more cost effective to reduce their own weight rather than to purchase a lighter bicycle.”

You can find the study link here [via: BBC News]

Written by Chris Belsole

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