Capital Region Healthy Communities Coalition Meeting

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day or something more? At the Capital Region Healthy Communities Coalition they believe that breakast leads to greater chances for education and lower diciplinary problems.

Do all kids eat breakfast? In New York State it is mandatory that all schools serve a USDA approved breakfast; although not all schools do. Not all children eat breakfast even if it is offered at the school. In fact even the majority of the children who get free or reduced priced lunches don’t take advantage of the free breakfast.

So how do you get children to eat breakfast? Because children “eat with their eyes” the food must look apealing. Also there is something called stealth nutrition where you use tatics like low sodium chips or whole wheat pancakes to give children a healthier meal.

So what can we do as bicyclists to help these children get a proper breakfast? One thing that could be done is plan and get cities to put signs up for “safe routs” to schools as well as plan and run daily bicycling rides to schools so that children don’t have to wait for the buses and end up missing the time for a school breakfast.

For more information go to the Capital Region Healthy Communities Coalition website.

Written by Chris Belsole

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