What’s new at PeopleForBikes.org

Here at ABC we we would be remiss if we did not share with you news from outside the capital district. That is why we are proud to congratulate PeopleForBikes.org on reaching their goal of one-hundred fifty thousand signatures on their pledge to make bicycling fun, safe, and viable in America. What can you do to help? PeopleForBikes.org is here to provide some direction:

1. Ask (at least) one family member or friend to sign the Peopleforbikes.org pledge. If everyone on the list does this–and remember, the process is quick, easy and free–the number of Americans who have unified behind bicycling will immediately double to 300,000. Now that’s a group with significant clout!2. Visit the Peopleforbikes.org website and spend a couple minutes reading the blog, some of the thousands of great personal stories stories and photos, and our advice on getting involved locally to improve bicyclingin your community. Our website includes lots of simple, inspirational ideas.

3. Be ready to write a short email to your U.S. Representative that supports bicycling, and expresses your interest in seeing better bicycling conditions. We’ll tell you when you need to send it and don’t worry; we’ll help you compose a simple, effective message.

There is also a short video that explains their whole process by the director of PeopleForBikes.org Tim Blumenthal.

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One response to “What’s new at PeopleForBikes.org

  1. Jeremy

    I just signed the pledge this morning and I’m # 151,964. I like the idea of a single grassroots campaign that brings together all kinds of bikers for the purpose of advocacy. Until recently, the loudest voice advocating for bicycles in the US has been the League of American Bicyclists. From what I have seen, LAB is more of a traditional lobbying group, which while extremely helpful for the bicycling movement in this country is certainly not the only thing we need.

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