Weekend Getaway

I am lucky enough this weekend to be in NYC. After the whole bus debacle last time I decided to go with the AABus, A.K.A. the Double Happiness Bus. This time I brought down my full-sized bike, fenders and all. One thing I did this time that I did not last was download the NYC Bikemap app for my iPhone. I recommend that everyone with a   do this because if you ever get lost or stuck it has a map of all the city’s bike paths as well as the locations of local bike shops if you really get in trouble. I have to say, the twenty-mile ride from Penn. Station to my parent’s home in Westchester is just beautiful, and the day could not have been more perfect.

It started with a ride up the Broadway bike path where I had to keep a constant three-hundred-sixty degree view of the cars, trucks, busses, and pedestrians around me at all time. Next was a quick stop in Clinton Park to catch the Quidditch finals along with catching scrimmage  matches of the NYC Badassiliks, my brother’s team.

Next up was the bike path that runs along the West Side Highway. This path is my favorite to ride in the city because of its convience and the stunning views it offers of both the Hudson River and the cliffs of New Jersey. Last time I rode this path it was twelve o’clock at night so it was dark and I did not get to experience it like I did yesterday. On the other hand I felt that I spent more time avoiding pedestrians and other cyclists then I did enjoying the vistas. I think that is more of a good thing because it shows that people are still using the trails and enjoying cycling which has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years.
After cutting a path through Manhattan the next bike trail is the one along the Harlem River drive. This bike trail is a little small at parts, and if people had to pass each other this would involve both of them dismounting and passing safely. Other than that it is a very nice trail that affords you a beautiful view of the river and the colorful leaves of fall.

Near my alma mater, Fordham University, is the next bike trail you come across, the Mosholu Parkway Greenway. This trail takes you through the Bronx via a park that the Mosholu Parkway runs through. It is a very nice ride. Just watch out for broken bottles.
After that the last bike trail is the one that runs along Bronx Boulevard. It is a welcome change to riding Bronx Boulevard due to the scenery and the absence of cars.

All in all it was a great ride. The temperature was nice, the leaves were beautiful, and the bike was not folding which made for a more comfortable and faster ride. I would recommend it to anyone in Albany looking for a weekend trip to the city.


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2 responses to “Weekend Getaway

  1. Ken

    Perhaps we should plan a springtime trip down to the city?

    I’m hoping to tour Boston by bike next summer as well. While walking around was fun this summer, you can’t cover nearly as much ground.

  2. Bill

    I would get lost in NYC but would like to follow some on a tour through the city on the bike lane/paths.

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