Update: What is the best alternate transportation for you?

I wrote an article a while ago detailing your transportation options for getting in, out, and around Albany. Recently I have come to understand, with great dismay, that the AABus is our, as cyclists, best option. My experience with the MegaBus this weekend has soured me greatly because not only did I almost not get on the bus because of my bike, but the fact that they only run four buses a day and their pick-up stop in NYC is not as advertised makes me think twice about traveling with them again.

On the lighter side of things, I found a great website to branch this idea of bike friendly travel out to another close city. The website Biking Rules has a lot of great information about biking rules and other commuting related topics. One thing they have on their site is a complete list of the different transportation options around the city and the bike rules associated  with them.

So how was my weekend? Good. Have I come back a little wiser about cycling? You betcha.

Written by Chris Belsole

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