City Review: DC

As you could probably guess from the previous post, I am in DC this weekend, and before you ask I did bring my bike. Did I get to ride around? No, but I did some extensive walking and saw some of the great bike infrastructure that DC has to offer.

I did not see any sharrows, but the separated lanes and the signs that said that bikes were allowed on the road defiantly made up for it. Also I got the sense from the bikers riding through the crowds at the rally that bikers here are comfortable riding with the pedestrians.

The one good thing that Albany has in common with DC is that both cities are very small and easily bikeable. In fact there are bikes that you can rent by the hour and tour around the city.

After being here for a day and touring the capital and the monuments I am defiantly coming back for more. The paths around the monuments and the river trail all look like they will be amazing to bike down. DC is now on my list of places that I want to bike around once I my life.

Written by Chris Belsole

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