An Exercise in Utility

How much do you spend on your daily commute every day? Do you know? Do you even want to know? Well, here is an interesting site that can tell you how big that number is. Go to this page and see how much it is costing you to get around. There is a form there that you fill out and based on the national average for gas mileage and other factors it will tell you how much you are spending on your daily commute. It could be your daily commute back and forth to work or a day going to the gym.

For me, I am saving 3.96 dollars a day riding to work. This works out to an annual savings of 2221.56 in a year. Oh man, if I knew this before I would have bought a better bike to commute in!

How Much Can I Save Bicycling to Work?

Written by Chris Belsole

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