What are you wearing in winter?

Winter cycling is something I look forward to with great excitement and trepidation. I have so many questions that I want to ask without knowing exactly what they are. All I can do is try to prepare with what I know and hope that I come out on top and not on the black top. Here are some things that I am considering:

1. SKS Commuter Bicycle Fender Set: I should have gotten these a while ago as it would have kept my bike a lot cleaner, but in the coming winter months I am really going to need them as rain is nothing compared to snow when it comes to dirtying your bike.

2. Outdoor Research Ninjaclava Balaclava: I need a balaclava for a few reasons. The foremost of which is to keep my face warm on those cold winter days. The nerd in me says, “Hey, as long as you are getting a mask for your face why not look like a ninja?” So here’s my question, should I wear goggles with this or is it not meant for goggles?

3. Full Face Mask-Orange Flame W11S23D: I was torn between getting a balaclava and a face mask for a while when it finally dawned on me, “Why not get both?” So here it is. The problem with the face masks and the half masks is that a lot of them are all really scary. I think my goal here is not to look like a maniac, but to keep my face warm and rain free. Does anyone have any suggestions on masks?

4. Half face Mask – Spider Web W11S25D: I don’t know if I’d like the full or half mask better so I came to the same conclusion as before, get both! I was always a fan of Spider-Man so this just made sense.

There are two items I haven’t decided on mostly because I haven’t researched them yet. These are goggles and full fingered gloves. If anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them in the comments.

Written by Chris Belsole


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5 responses to “What are you wearing in winter?

  1. jv

    Try the Trek “lobster claws”
    There are two fingers and a thumb and they are undoubtedly the best gloves I’ve ever worn, warm and very easy to pack. I’ve found a balacava alone is sufficient. The biggest problem is the feet. If you’re wearing SPD cleats it usually means the shoes aren’t waterproof, because by installing them you cut the sole of the shoe. What’s up with that?

  2. the lined trousers named Karl from FjallRaven, longjohns from woolpower and long shirt from icebreaker

  3. mary lou

    You read my mind.
    I had all my winter glove options lined up yesterday. Before the freezing cold hits I usually wear glove liners with my cycling gloves. When the weather is 30 degrees and below, I use mittens with handwarmers. The mitten setup is a little tricky with gear shifting. I am thinking about the lobster claw gloves that John mentioned.
    Under my helmet I wear a thin balaclava.

  4. Ken

    For gloves, I’ve been looking at:


    And while I hadn’t thought about getting a balaclava, I noticed that they have a “Helmetclava” version of that balaclava you listed here, Chris.

    Last winter I was just a stubborn idiot and rode without much of anything, just some thin cotton gloves, but my hands were always red. I figured I should prep a bit better this time around.

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