Ci-fi Bike Speaker

Cy.Fi Wireless Sports Speaker

Something that I have been mulling over getting from about when my co-worker told me about it is this Ci-fi bike speaker. According to the NYTimes article,

“For the cyclist who has everything, here’s the CyFi, a compact, water-resistant, aerodynamically shaped speaker that fastens to handlebars (or backpack strap, or stroller). Your phone or music player, nestled in your pocket, transmits music to the speaker wirelessly as you ride along. The company argues that listening this way is safer than wearing earbuds.”

It would be nice to follow the law for once because anyone who has seen me riding around Albany has quoted me the law on wearing earbuds in both ears. Don’t! While this may be true I’d argue that listening to the Beatles with only the left speaker is like listening to Bach with only the brass section.

After I thought about it for a while two things struck me as off. The first is the price. I like this product and I wish that I could guarantee that I would never fall off my bike again. If, and hopefully not when, I do though and this thing breaks, I am out one-hundred dollars. I wonder if the warranty covers it? The second is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to cars. I hate it when cars blast there music for everyone to hear, and that is with four walls, most of the time, muffeling the sound. How much of a hypocrite would I be if I am riding my bike down the street blasting Highway to Hell jamming along with the solo? I think for the money this cost I would have to give it a test drive to see how it really preforms.

One thing I like about it is that it comes in two forms. One that plugs directly into the Apple port on iPhones, iPods, and other Apple products and another that connects over Bluetooth. This is good because I plant to chuck my iPhone next year if it makes it that long.

Written by Chris Belsole

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  1. Ken

    Actually, listening to The Beatles with one earbud isn’t that bad, considering that their discography is mono. The recent stereo releases are blasphemy. ;)

    I agree that this would be obnoxious in the city. It makes me think of that bike boombox guy from First Friday this month. However, if you’re out country riding with houses far away and mostly empty roads, I could see the utility. But I tend to ride with one earbud (right-side) while out there on lonely shoulders anyway.

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