Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail/Rt 85 Detour – New Bridge

Rail Trail Detour – While Albany County replaces the former railway bridge over Rt 85/New Scotland Rd. in Slingerlands, the Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail will have a detour at the bridge so that people on bicycles and those on foot can continue to use the trail. One should expect that the detour will be closed at times.

Albany County has installed a very useful detour leading from the rail head at Grove St. It then goes down on stone dust surface to a crossing over Rt. 85/New Scotland Rd. and then up to rejoin the trail. New users would be advised to walk their bicycles until they become familiar with the trail.

The configuration of the detour during actual bridge replacement is unclear. It seems the present detour may suffice.

Motor Vehicle Detour – As of Wednesday, 3/29, the Rt 85 blinking sign reads: “CLOSED @ BRIDGE/MONDAY-FRIDAY/ 7 AM 5 PM.”

During drive time, making a right turn onto the detour from Cherry Ave. Ext .(Rt 140) to continue north-west onto Kenwood is a backup. Similarly, those trying to get off the Kenwood detour and back onto Cherry (going to Rt 85/New Scotland Ave.) have a combined left-turn, straight, and right-turn lane – thus blocking everyone.

Photo 1 – Trail down to New Scotland Rd from Kenwood/Grove St. Trail Head

Photo 2 – Crossing New Scotland Rd.

Photo 3 – Looking back up the trail to Grove St. Trail Head

Photo 4 – The bridge is closed!