Here’s how you can help!

Our fourth Bicycle EXPO will be on May 4, 10 AM – 4 PM in Washington Park at the Lake House.

Aside from being a lot of fun for the guests, the vendors, and the hard-working volunteers in ABC, this event helps us promote cycling during the other 364 days of the year – flyers, mailings, meetings, photocopies, insurance, booth entry fees, and other program/administrative expenses.

We need specific help as follows (with contacts noted):

–      Raffle Prizes – [CONTACT: JIM –] – You can contribute new or (lightly) used cycling equipment or other items that would be attractive to guests – gift cards, outdoor gear, etc.

–      Vendors – [CONTACT: KEITH –] – We want vendors who support cycling and those who encourage sustainable living – bicycle shops, community and “environmental” organizations, and those with specific causes such as the Livingston Avenue Railroad Bridge and Tour de Cure.  We also have had governmental units such as the Mayor’s Office of Energy Sustainablity, the Capital District Transportation Authority, and the Capital District Transportation Authority.  Does one of your organizations want to participate?  Do you have recommendations for organization to participate?  In either case, please send full contact info.

–      Greeters/Hosts – [CONTACT: Lorenz ] – We provide every guest with a warm “hello,” an EXPO program, and a complimentary raffle ticket.  This will only take a few hours of your time (+ a brief orientation) on the day of the event.

With a little effort from a lot of people, we can have a bigger and better Bicycle EXPO 14.

Won’t you join us by contacting one of the volunteers listed above?

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