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Interesting cycling articles from the news papers.

Bicycle Fit Fits Into Number One

For everyone buying a bicycle there are a lot of factors to consider. What kind of bicycle do I need? What companies should I consider? Does it have everything I want? So what’s the most important question to ask? According to the Chicago Tribune it’s “How does it fit?”

Yes now that spring is upon us in full blast people will inevitably be visiting local bike shops and chain stores looking for a bike to ride this season, and according to Emily Furia, a senior editor at Bicycling magazine and editor of Bicycling’s Big Book of Cycling “The fit is more important than the brand or the type of bicycle.” I tend to agree with her.

Down at the bike rescue, yes I serve two masters, we ask people what kind of riding they do to assess what bike will fit their needs best. I won’t however send someone out of our doors with a bike that does not fit them. I would rather someone have a bike that kind of fits their needs then one that does not fit their knees. Even if we will get money out of the deal if they are hurting because the frame is too big or too small for them they are not going to have fun and probably abandon the bicycle.

So anyway if you are buying a bicycle this season go for fit. Hell, if you can find one you like too that fits you just fine go for that. You will be happier in the long run.

Written by Chris Belsole

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Study Identifies Three Different Types of Cyclists

An article from the Ashland Daily Times recently referenced a study about bicycling. In it the study identified three types of riders.

The first one and the smallest one  is the “strong and fearless riders” These are the people you see on the road every day regardless of traffic conditions or personal safety.

The next and slightly larger group is the “enthused and confident” riders. These are the fair weather riders who will take their bike out, but try to only ride on roads with bike lanes or on bike paths.

Lastly there is the biggest group of riders named “interested but concerned.” These people don’t ride. The would if given the opportunity for safety and security, but the lack of that keeps them off their bike.

It is this group that is the most important to creating a riding culture in a city. The other two groups do not need to be convinced that cycling is fun. They already do it. The third group however is much larger than the other two and if you could only tap into part of their members you could double or even triple the number of people on the road.

The study identifies two ways to encourage the third group to start bicycling:

  • By providing more protection along busy traffic streets (e.g., using buffered, protected, or separated bike lanes); or
  • By providing comfortable alternatives to the boulevard network, such as bicycle boulevards along low volume streets.

So what can ABC take from this? We can see what we have always known. A greater amount of quality bicycle infrastructure means that you will get more riders on the road and more riders means more bike infrastructure. It is a chicken and egg thing. Who will innovate first, riders or the government?

Written by Chris Belsole

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Comment and Be Heard

In a recent Times Union: Bike Blog post Jay Holick asks people to gibe their opinions of how bike friendly the Capital District. This is a great opportunity to be heard and voice your opinion. You might see some familiar names up there.

Is the Capital Region getting more bike friendly?

Written by Chris Belsole

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Enjoying the Ride Without Seeing Where You’re Going

Everyone should experience the joy that comes from riding a bicycle. Until now I have never heard of this segment of the population given that chance because of their particular disability. This article from the New York Times is a heartwarming story of an organization that gives people a chance to feel  like we do everyday.

Enjoying the Ride Without Seeing Where You’re Going

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Pushing Papers: Cyclist Gets Ticketed in Closed Trail

Here’s an interesting article from the Times Union about a cyclist who got ticketed for going down a closed trail. I can defiantly relate because I know I have done things on my bike that I could have been ticketed for. The interesting this is not that he got the ticked, but who he got the ticket from. Her’s an excerpt from the article:

“He rode his bike down to the Stockade section of Schenectady and then he returned.

On his way back, State Police were on the trail and asked for his identification, which Momrow provided. One trooper asked what he was doing there and if he knew the trail was closed. “The other guy said ‘That’s $150,'” Momrow said.”

Cyclist gets ticket for closed trail ride

Written by Chris Belsole

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