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APD Electronic Warning Signs/Bicycles

June 25, 2013

Steven Krokoff, Chief
Albany Police Department
165 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Albany, New York 12210

Dear Chief Krokoff:
BMW in Albany

The electronic warning/advisory signs that the Albany Police Department has installed around the City of Albany seem to be a timely and valuable service.

The sign in the eastbound lane of Washington Ave. at its intersection with Manning Blvd. cautions drivers to be alert for motorcycles. Would you please arrange for a modest update so that this and other similar messages are expanded to include bicycles?
Riding in Albany


Lorenz M. Worden President
Albany Bicycle Coalition

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Whiners and Complainers (and Keep Off Those Heels Too!)

A reader of the July-August 2012 League of American Bicyclists’ “American Bicyclist” complained that the magazine featured a rider in flip-flops.  The writer’s statement is as follows (November-December 2012 issue): “Riding in flip-flops is dangerous.  Featuring riders with helmets and flip-flops sends a distorted message implying safe riding conditions when, in fact, those flip-flops are a hazard to the person wearing them AND those riding along side the flip-flopper.  Please stress the danger of riding in flip-flops and the importance of safe riding head and foot gear.”

The offending picture was clearly composed for the article and featured riders out for a causal cruise.  (To view the image, click the above LAB link and page through to page 10 of the July-August issue.)

This kind of nonsense raises multiple questions:

  • What exactly is the danger of flip-flops?  Frostbite?  Dirty feet?
  • Is there a case of flip-flops causing death?
  • What is the danger to “those riding along-side the flip-flopper”?
  • If head and footgear is so critical – what about elbow, shoulder and kneepads, leather pants and jacket, and (even) gloves?  How about a handle-bar-mounted air bag?
  • Where is the distortion in the message?  Even allowing for the helmet, why should not the rider be comfortable?

With so many more critical safe riding issues – rider education, bicycle maintenance, traffic control, motor vehicle traffic enforcement, road maintenance – it is regrettable that this level of criticism even gets printed.

No Heels Please!

No Heels Please!

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Support the Cause: Help Albany Police Provide Kids Helmets

The Albany Police Department is seeking funds to help provide helmets to Albany children. Their goal is to raise enough to supply 1,000 helmets.

You can contribute by visiting the McDonald’s restaurant located at 391 Central Ave every Tuesday this September. 20% of all sales between 5PM and 8PM on Tuesdays will be donated to the helmet program.

McDonald’s will also be donating a bicycle that will be raffled off in the restaurant. Tickets are $1 each. Winner will be picked on Tuesday, September 28 at 7:00PM.

Directions to the location.

Editor’s Note: We’re currently looking into the best way to donate directly to the program and will update this post shortly.

Written by Ken Burford

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Support the Cause: Letters for a Complete Street

Dear Cyclists and Wannabes,

S5711B – the stalled Senate bill calling for a “complete streets” approach to road design in New York State needs your help.  The bill has been sitting in the transportation committee since May 2010.  It passed the Assembly.

I hope you will check out the bill at http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/bill/S5711A.  Then, write a letter (sample attached) or send an e-mail urging the Senators to (1) get the bill out of committee and (2) approve it on the Senate floor.

Note to PHNA-ers – I wrapped Madison Ave. into the letter, so it’ll be an easy edit for you!  With Complete Streets in law, the MAC will be reinforced as the right way to go!


Info after the jump.

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